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Off-Road Oversized Tires

Think off-road tires would look great on your 4x4?

Learn what you should know before you swap your stock tires for oversized tires. We've gathered the information you need to make an informed decision, and our staff is on hand to answer any questions you have. If oversized tires are the right match for you and your vehicle, we offer a wide selection of tires from leading brands.

Off-Road Tires on Jeep in Woodbury, NJ

Do Off-Road Tires Really Help with Traction?

Ever see an advertisement promoting off-road traction as a reason to install oversized tires? While bigger tires with the right tread pattern can improve traction, this isn't the best reason to install them.

In fact, you might be better off with other customization options like a locking differential if you're looking for traction alone.

Knowing why you want oversized tires and what they offer will ensure greater satisfaction with your purchase.

Why Buy Oversized Tires?

The primary benefit of bigger tires and wheels is extra ground clearance. You'll be able to ascend and descend hills and mountainous terrain, traverse through muddy areas, and explore wherever your adventures take you.

The extra clearance can make it harder to damage your vehicle, providing greater peace of mind.

I Want Oversized Tires - What Do I Need to Know?

Here's a few things to keep in mind when preparing to switch tires

Off-Road Upgrades for Tires in Woodbury, NJ

    Wheels: Oversized tires need wheels to match. Make sure you budget for a set of tires and wheels.

    Ground Clearance: Before you get the ground clearance gains of bigger tires and wheels, you need enough ground clearance to install them. Take into account the price of a suspension lift kit or body kit.

    Performance Upgrades: Big tires and wheels are heavier than stock. They'll add more strain on your vehicle, so it's recommended you upgrade other components to compensate for these changes. That might mean a new exhaust system, aftermarket air intakes, performance shocks (see lift kits), and other automotive parts.

First Choice Auto Repair & Tire Center is your local source for off-road tires and wheels. We feature a wide selection of oversized tires from leading brands like Toyo, Falken, Nitto, General, Mickey Thompson, and BFGoodrich®.

Off-road tire brands

What Type of Tires Do I Need?

    Radial vs Bias: Bias tires provide excellent performance on off-road terrain, but not so much on pavement. The tread is engineered to remove mud and rocks, and the sidewall is built tough to reduce the chance of puncture. If you use your vehicle both on-road and off-road, however, you might prefer a set of radial tires. Radial tires perform great in off-road conditions and regular driving conditions. They won't offer you as much traction as a bias tire, but they'll counter with a longer lifespan and a more comfortable ride.

    Size: The right size tire depends on your vehicle and the aftermarket customization services you've completed. Consult the manufacturer for more information. If your vehicle isn't built for the tires and wheels you want, look at what modifications are available to help. If you have any questions about tire and wheel sizes, you can always consult with a member of our team at (856) 845-9333.

    Tire Type: This all depends on where you like to drive. There are many off-road tires available from all-season and all-terrain (A/T tires) to specialized tires like mud tires (M/T tires). No single tire offers the best performance in every category (to be better in one category like all-season performance means not being as good in another because the formula that makes one tire good in rain might make it bad in another area).

      All season tires are great in diverse weather conditions and for on road driving. They don't look cool like A/T and M/T tires, but they're a practical choice with great longevity if they aren't damaged. 

      On the other side, you have all-terrain truck tires that can get you through all types of terrain but won't offer exceptional performance in any one. Still, this means you can go off-road and on pavement while enjoying the curb appeal of a more aggressive looking tire. 

      Finally, specialized tires like mud terrain and sand terrain or snow tires are built with specific applications in mind. If you want the best performance on a certain type of terrain, then a specialized tire is designed to deliver what you need. You sacrifice performance when driving on the road as a result, but you weren't planning on normal driving conditions with these tires if you've read their description.

Ready to get started? Shop for tires online now, or visit First Choice Auto Repair & Tire Center during our hours of operation. We're proud to serve off-road motorists in Woodbury, NJ, Deptford, NJ, West Deptford, NJ, and surrounding areas.

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